Comerica opens $17-million offices

Posted on June 8, 2012

During a dedication ceremony May 1, Comerica Bank celebrated the official grand opening of Comerica Bank Center, its new Michigan market headquarters located at 411 W. Lafayette in Detroit.

Representatives from Comerica Bank, including Ralph W. Babb Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Comerica Inc., Thomas D. Ogden, president of Comerica Bank-Michigan and Linda D. Forte, senior vice president, business affairs and chief diversity officer of Comerica, Inc., along with community leaders including Mike Finney, President and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, gathered at the newly-renovated Comerica Bank Center to celebrate the official grand opening of the building and commemorate Comerica’s 162-year history in Michigan.

Michigan is home to the majority of Comerica’s more than 9,100 employees, 1,000 of whom are now housed at the new Comerica Bank Center.

“As the largest bank employer in the state, Comerica is proud of our 162-year history in Michigan and we remain committed to building on Michigan’s future,” said Thomas D. Ogden, president, Comerica Bank-Michigan. “The $17 million investment in our new Michigan headquarters demonstrates the significance of the Michigan market to Comerica.”

Comerica’s investment in its new headquarters included extensive renovations to the facility’s nine floors as well as the purchase of new office furniture from Michigan-based manufacturers. According to Ogden, Comerica hopes its investment will spur additional development in the west downtown area.

During its relocation to 411 W. Lafayette, Comerica worked to keep 530 tons of furniture and other surplus assets out of landfills, and in the process donated $22,000 in office furniture to local organizations.

During the event, Comerica revealed the results of a preservation project which restored a historic wagon, creating a replica of the wagons used to carry slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. The wagon, complete with a false bottom, will be a focal point on an annual Freedom Wagon Walk planned by the Second Baptist Church, which served as a stop on the Underground Railroad.

The church is supported by the Comerica Charitable Foundation.

“Comerica Bank and Second Baptist have a long, rich history together that began when one of our predecessor banks, Security Trust Company, authorized the church’s first mortgage in 1912,” said Forte.

The historic wagon exhibit is on public display at the church at 441 Monroe St. in Detroit.

Via The Oakland Press